coconut oil and arthritis

Coconut Oil Holds Promise for Arthritis Sufferers

Virgin coconut oil has been studied and found to hold promise for everything from  reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease to providing healthier skin. Now, in the first study of its kind, researchers in India have found that the antioxidant compounds unique to coconut oil may ease the inflammation of arthritis, the hallmark of the disease. It is a common cause of pain and disability, especially among older adults. Almost 50% of adults 65 and older have been diagnosed with arthritis. In the new study, arthritic rats were injected with natural antioxidant compounds, called polyphenols, from virgin coconut oil. The […]

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Naturally Easing Arthritis with Coconut Oil

The first time I ever heard of coconut oil was when my husband was told to use it for his arthritis. His physician said the anti-inflammatory properties could help ease some of his joint pain. Turns out – this isn’t out of the blue. Coconut oil helps reduce the inflammation in sunburns and the same properties may help in the joints. A new study out of India looked more into the why. The researchers were looking for a natural alternative to the current pharmaceutical options available, which can carry side effects. The study concluded the anti-oxidants in virgin coconut oil […]

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