coconut oil cake

Homemade Chocolate Cake

Today is my mom’s 56th birthday, so I’m sure you can guess what I’ll be making for her! When it comes to chocolate cake, my mom has always liked to dress it up with whipped cream and berries, so I got out easy by not having to make frosting. I’m a big fan of making cakes from scratch when I can and have learned some new baking tricks over the last few years. My all-time favorite baking hack is using coconut oil instead of butter. To do so, simply replace the butter or vegetable oil in the recipe for coconut […]

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Red Velvet Cake Poppers

With Valentine’s Day right around the coroner, I’m already brainstorming about what sweet treat to make that my boyfriend and I can indulge in. Because red is the color of love, I landed on red velvet – but instead of whipping up a traditional cake, I decided to go bite size. These “cake poppers” are just the right size to be devoured in one or two bites – how cute! I found the trick to getting a deep red color and the perfect texture was using coconut oil. To do this, simply replace the vegetable oil in this recipe for […]


Kelapo Cake Pops

I think it’s safe to say that the Kelapo office has quite a sweet tooth. Partly because we are all girls, and partly because we spend such a big part of our days browsing through delicious looking blogs (aka Food Porn).  There is some seriously good stuff out there! Lately, when the sugar craving hits, we’ve been heading to the local Starbucks to pick up these tasty little bites. Replacing the cupcake as the must-have, trendy baked good (or is it replacing macarons? Whoopie pies?) cake pops are impressive-looking enough to charge at least $2 a piece. That’s crazy, I […]

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