coconut oil for dogs

Coconut Oil and Pets

We provide many great recipes and health benefits of using coconut oil within our diet, however we don’t always give enough focus on the benefits for our four legged friends. Yes, you CAN give coconut oil to your pets and I guarantee they will go crazy for it! For example my parent’s dog, Henry, will whine for it when my mom brings her jar out of the pantry. She gives it to him every day mixed in with his food and will sometimes refuse to eat unless it’s in there. It’s only then, Henry will gobble down his food within […]

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Top 5 Coconut Oil Recipes of 2012

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at the top 5 recipes that were the most popular on our blog throughout 2012. Remember, to incorporate coconut oil into your cooking, simply replace butter or oil in a 1:1 ratio with coconut oil. An example would be replacing ½ cup of butter for ½ cup coconut oil. Here are the top 5 recipes that readers loved the most: 1. Homemade Dog Treats These homemade dog treats will make a great holiday gift for your pup! 2. Homemade Hibachi Chicken, Veggies, Noodles, and Yummy […]

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Retailer Spotlight: Pookies Pet Nutrition & Bow Wow Bakery

  Pookies Pet Nutrition & Bow Wow Bakery 1500 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 407-622-PETS or 866-844-PETS Carries: Kelapo Coconut Oil, 8 oz, 15 oz Pookies is not your typical pet store.  Yes, they have pet food and anything else your pet might need, but they also carry an array of healthy and organic foods for your furry friend.  Plus, they have a doggie bakery! Pookies in-store bakery makes fresh, all-natural dog cookies and specialty items with human-grade ingredients like apple, banana, carob, cinnamon, peanut butter, pumpkin, and yogurt. There is never any sugar, salt, lard, shortening, or […]

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