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DIY Halloween Party Make-Up Remover

It’s the weekend of all your Halloween parties! Which means that the real deal, Halloween night, is right around the corner. What are you doing this Halloween? We are taking our little guy out trick or treating. Now, if you are dressing up for a party your costume will most likely require some type of make-up. I know with past Halloweens I have had a lot of trouble removing my  make-up, however that was before I discovered coconut oil. Coconut oil is now my go to item when in need, let’s check out how to remove your make-up with it! […]

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DIY Sugar Beet Scrub

I’ve been on a natural kick for some time now. And while I have not fully converted over my entire beauty routine (it’s a gradual process to part ways with my favorite eye shadow), I am working on it. The best place to start is what goes on my lips. Not only do I constantly lick my lips out of habit and/or stress (one of which may have led to the other) but there was a recent study looking at just how toxic some of lipsticks can be. Can we say scary!?! “We looked at nine heavy metals and found […]

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DIY Raw Honey and Coconut Oil Facial Mask

I’m all about the DIY tips and tricks, especially when it comes to my face. I’m not one to buy all of the expensive products with lots of chemicals so I opt to make my own. I recently wrote a blog about my DIY Acne Remedy which is based around coconut oil. Since coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties I feel like it really helps to cleanse your face. I have also done researching showing that raw honey contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which may help to disinfect and speed the healing process for acne. I basically got out of it […]

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