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Cut Out the Sodium With Kelapo

Our bodies crave sodium. Sodium helps us maintain a proper balance of fluid, transport nutrients, transmit nerve pulses, and also aids in the overall movement and contraction of our muscles. But too much sodium can have some seriously negative effects on your system like increasing blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. The experts behind the 2005 revised Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest adults ingest no more than 2,300mg of sodium per day. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, Americans actually take in over 3,400mg of sodium daily. While sodium is mostly associated with salt, there are […]

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12 Perfect Foods + 1 Super Food = One Great Diet!

Let me just say – diets are not my thing. I’m not good at them, they stress me out. However, if I just think of it as “eating well” I can “diet” all I want. In my household, we really try to stick to the power, super and perfect foods, then we just mix them up to make some delicious dishes. When I came across this list of the “12 Perfect Foods”, I had to share it with the Kelapo fans. Because when you mix one of these perfect foods with the super food that is coconut oil – you’ve […]

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Raw Coconut Balls

Hello sweet tooth! It doesn’t take much for mine to kick in and never stop. My boyfriend got me in a really good habit of reading labels before buying any food, especially the sugar content. As you read in Kayla’s blog, Americans are addicted to their sweets. It’s my quest to find healthier ways to satisfy the craving while keeping my nutrients in check. These raw coconut balls are great for several reasons. First, they are bite sized and just sweet enough you can get away with eating just one. Secondly, can you can nutrient rich? Honey naturally contains over […]