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EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

  Today marks the start of “EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week,” in which massage therapists come together nationwide to spread awareness of the benefits of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies. I personally am a firm believer in getting massages regularly and try to go once a week. Being in the gym anywhere from 5 to 7 times per week, my body takes a beating from weightlifting, agility, and cardio. I recently started to opt for deep disuse massages and have had my massage therapist use coconut oil on me instead of lotion. I have really sensitive skin and have found that I’m […]

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Benefits of Infant Massage

After a hard day at the gym, or even sometimes just at work, having a massage can be so relaxing. Believe it or not, being a baby can be stressful. It’s cold, there are a lot of new noises and smells to learn and you have to rely on everyone for everything. That’s why there’s a big push for infant massage to help your baby be calm, learn more about their own bodies, and aid in the bond between the two of you. We asked Beautiful Beginnings Infant Massage in Westlake, Ohio to share with us some of their tips […]

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