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New Study: Saturated Fats Aren’t Key in Heart Disease

Finally – the word is out: saturated fats, like coconut oil, aren’t the villain in our diets. Well, not all saturated fats. A new study published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine conducted a meta-analysis of over 75 studies over the past 40 years. What they were looking to see is a clear connection between saturated fats and increased risk of heart disease. But, according to the authors, they only found “null associations” between the two. This also means cholesterol is a lot more complicated than we thought. We not only have to be worried about LDL, the […]

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Is Saturated Fat Really Bad?

The more I tell people about the many health benefits of adding extra virgin coconut oil into their diet, I tend to get mixed reviews about coconut oil being a saturated fat. One misconception that people have is that all saturated fat is bad for you. Unlike butter, coconut oil is a plant based saturated fat containing medium chain triglycerides, which contain the health benefits of coconut oil. Carrie Dennett, Registered Dietician, explains why our bodies need certain amounts of saturated fat to function properly. “Just as our bodies need some cholesterol, they also need some saturated fat for various […]

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