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Customer Feedback: Executive Chef of Mie N Yu

As you know from our blog post about our VIP treatment at Mie N Yu restaurant in Washington DC we recently had the pleasure or meeting and spending some time with executive chef RL Boyd.  He prepared us a special meal with Kelapo Coconut Oil and he was blown away by the experience of coconut oil cooking with our product!  He was nice enough to share some feedback about our oil.  He said: “It was a pleasure using Kelapo to prepare a special dish for you! Kelapo is so versatile and the flavor is light yet still very identifiable in […]

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VIP Treatment at Restaurant Mie N Yu

First of all, a BIG thanks to our new friend Chef R.L. Boyd! We met R.L. on the second day of the Fancy Food Show. He walked past our booth, and when I saw that he was the Executive Chef for one of my favorite restaurants in DC, we all got pretty excited! Since we already had reservations to visit the restaurant on Tuesday, R.L. requested some Kelapo Coconut oil to “play” around with in the kitchen and promised us some great things for our dinner. He absolutely delivered! When we arrived at Mie N Yu, (pronounced Me and You), […]

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Summer Fancy Food Show 2011

What a show! Erin, Amber, and I just returned from the Fancy Food in Washington DC. I have to say that personally, I enjoyed this show more than any other big tradeshow we’ve done. 3000 food, wine, and beer vendors offering more samples than you could try in a month (and we tried to cram it all into 3 days! Needless to say, my body is glad we are done with that. My tastebuds, however, are still pining for more!) I have never seen so much cheese or chocolate in one place and I’m really excited to try the samples […]

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