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Coconut Oil and Thyroid Function

Having a thyroid issue can be frustrating. There’s not much I really have to say about it – because for those suffering from an under or over performing thyroid, it’s frustrating. The weight gain, the tiredness – it can all cause stress. While coconut oil may not complete get rid of the thyroid, it can help with some of the symptoms of the disease. Dr. Oz says using coconut oil in a healthy diet may help spark your metabolism, which can then help with the weight gain. United Health Care physician, Dr. Elson Haas, also says coconut oil can be […]

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Coconut Oil Coffee Scrub

Ok ladies, and gents, it’s time to talk about…cellulite. While it’s more common than Hollywood would have us believe, I’m not sure anyone wants it around. Let’s first clear the confusion over cellulite. It is something anyone of any weight and age can have. The dimples you see is nothing more than “normal” fat being pushed against the skin by the connective tissue. One way to get rid of cellulite is by working out, especially aerobic exercises. You can start with the Superman Workout and Kayla’s Lower Body Workout to really target the areas where cellulite tends to be more […]

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Three Ingredient Moisturizer

I’ve been fighting my 30s ever since I realized I was no longer in my early 20s. Luckily, I have my mother’s skin; however, for a few critical years I took this genetic gene pool benefit for granted. One day I woke up and realized I had wrinkles! So I did what every sane 28-year-old woman does and began searching for grays. Thankfully I color my hair every six weeks so those, whether I had them or not, were nowhere to be found. My next line of defense was putting a better moisturizer on my skin and stop buying the […]