no bake dessert

Cocoa Pebbles Crispy Treats

Rise Crispy Treats have always been my fiancé’s favorite, especially the chocolate ones. The other night he got this ridiculous craving for chocolatey treats and guess who had to go to the grocery store at 9 p.m. to whip up something good – me! I decided that I would go about a different way to making these treats, getting a different brand of cereal and making the base with coconut oil instead of butter. I prefer to use this healthy fat in all my recipes now, especially when I’m baking. For any recipe, you simply swap out butter or oil […]

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Healthy, No- Bake Watermelon Flag Cake

We are all familiar with the traditional shortbread cake topped with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries for Fourth of July right? How about you make your Independence Day healthier this year! Yes, Holidays are a great excuse to indulge on your favorite sweets but why not stick to your healthy way of eating and make a dessert that is just as tasty as real cake? I bet your thinking what would you replace for this typical shortbread cake and I will replace it with watermelon. Now you’re probably thinking that I have officially lost my mind because cake and watermelon […]

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