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Red Valentine’s Day Pancakes 

Food is always the way to someone’s heart. Here is a special breakfast in bed recipe to surprise your significant other on Valentine’s Day! The beets give these pancakes their beautiful natural red color without added food dyes. And don’t worry, these pancakes will still taste sweet thanks to our other ingredients! Your special someone will enjoy waking up to this healthy treat in the morning. The Kelapo ghee gives the pancakes that added richness in flavor that conventional butter lacks. Happy Valentine’s Day!   Ingredients:  3 tablespoons melted Kelapo ghee  1 cup all-purpose flour  ¾ cup whole wheat flour  3 tablespoons light brown sugar  1 tablespoon baking powder  ½ teaspoon kosher […]

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“Leftovers” Pancakes

Did you know that you have a lot in common with your refrigerator come January 2nd? Your icebox too has a New Years resolution to lose a few of the pounds it gained over the holiday season… And with the recipe I am about to show you, you will BOTH be on the fast track to achieving your goals! More than likely your refrigerator’s door keeps popping open thanks to the heaps of leftovers strategically shoved in there (much like the button on your pants perhaps?), however, I have quite the remedy for such an issue… Leftovers pancakes. No, I’m […]

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