21 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

It is officially December 31st and everyone knows what that means, New Year’s resolutions! I’ve learned that when creating your New Year’s resolutions, it’s best to be realistic. Make goals for yourself that are achievable and that you continuously want to work towards, even if the year has finished. Making goals like “I want to be rich” or “to find true love” are things that happen over time and do not have an exact date attached. For this very reason I have written 21 New Year’s resolution ideas for myself with the intention of picking out the best one

  1. Try different types of food (Don’t be picky even if the dish doesn’t look very appealing!)
  2. Do more activities that bring you joy (Even the simplest things like buying my favorite dessert)
  3. Sanitize your phone weekly (Thousands of bacteria can get on your phone or phone case. Make sure that the thing you use on a daily doesn’t make you sick!)
  4. Donate all your old clothes (No more keeping that shirt that you said you’d fit in 5 years ago! Find something new and stylish)
  5. Stay current on events (whether it be the local news or global news it’s important to take some time and stay current on what’s happening around you)
  6. Be more patient (It’s important to take yourself out of the moment and breathe. Not everyone is you and you are not them)
  7. Love and accept yourself (You are beautiful. You are enough. Make sure you say these phrases to yourself but overall believe in them)
  8. Plan a vacation (Or even a staycation! Take time for yourself to relax or do something fun!)
  9. Read more (Whether it be a short story or the newspaper. Enjoy it!)
  10. Volunteer in your community (I use volunteer for 12 hours a month and I have not been able to the past 2 years. What could be better than helping those who cannot help themselves?)
  11. Drink water (I know so many people that substitute water for a soda. While it might taste great, your body needs water. Try having at least 4 glasses a day if you’re not use to it)
  12. Find peace in your company (A lot of people hate the idea of being alone, but you are your best friend. Take yourself out on a date!)
  13. Empathy towards others (It is crucial that we have empathy, so we do not become selfish)
  14. Say “I love you” more often (Whoever your loved ones are, say it to them. Believe me, it can be hard, but every day try and express your love towards them.)
  15. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins (The past year I bought 3 bottles of multi-vitamins but ask me if I have routinely taken them. I definitely want to start this year on the right foot and looking out for my health is one of them!)
  16. Limit your time on social media (We say this enough but honestly, there are so many things happening around us when we’re staring at our phones. It’s okay to go on social media and watch those cat videos but limit that time for when you are alone)
  17. Learn a new skill (I’d love to learn how-to dance salsa and for my boyfriend to learn how to cook! Let’s hope for the best in 2019)
  18. Open a savings account and do not touch it (It doesn’t matter how much you put into it, just that you do. I had one for about 6 months, but the holidays came around and all that changed. This year will be different!)
  19. Try a new exercise routine (Don’t start the gym unless you 100% want to. I recommend trying a new exercise weekly if you don’t have the time or the money for a gym. Try it straight from the comfort of your own home)
  20. Become more health conscious (It’s not about going on diet and restricting yourself from eating. It’s about knowing what you’re putting into your body and where it’s coming from)
  21. Ask for help (This is by far one of the hardest things people struggle with but why? Let’s start asking for help when we need it. No one knows everything)

This concludes my list of New Year’s resolutions. I hope you all have a wonderful new year! Remember, if you have any ideas, leave us a comment below.


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