3 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Your Next Marathon

Are you training for a marathon or half marathon? Looking for nutrition tips to help your race time?  Here are three ways coconut oil helped a fellow half-marathoner during the recent Gasparilla race in Tampa.

The night before, fuel up on brown rice cooked in coconut oil, a favorite of Apollo Ohno. Add salmon and steamed kale for lots of protein and energy.

On the morning of the race, take a spoonful of coconut oil, drizzled with honey.  The coconut oil will give you a feeling of fullness and supply stamina throughout the race.


The last use for coconut oil during a race?  Would you guess that it is to prevent nipple burn?  Yup! Rub ample amounts of coconut oil on your nipples, to prevent your shirt from chafing them during the run.  As a female, I’ve never had to try this myself, but guys swear by it.

Good luck on your future runs!

– Erin

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