Top Fourth of July Desserts

Lemon Berry Cake Cups - Great for the 4th of July!

Lemon Berry Cake Cups – Great for the 4th of July!

With the Fourth of July coming up in less than a week now, I’m already brainstorming of what desserts to make. My husband and I always end up entertaining or going to a family event, in which case I most definitely don’t like to come empty handed. I’m a huge fan of baking, so I’ll always end up bring some sort of sweet or making 2-3 desserts for our own parties!

With all of my recipes below, I stuck with my secret of swapping out butter for coconut oil. I have been a fan of using this healthy fat for years now and if you haven’t tired it – you must! Simply take any recipe that calls for butter or vegetable oil and replace it with coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio. Any cake or cookie recipe will no longer be dense or dry and coconut oil also brings out the flavors of any spices used in baking.

Here are just a few of my favorite Fourth of July desserts:

Chocolate Pudding Cake – I know you may be wondering how chocolate is festive for the Fourth, but when dressing these individual cakes up with powdered sugar, raspberries, and blueberries, you have a colorful plated dessert. Adding coconut oil to this recipe really softened up the cake and I love to serve it with homemade whipped cream!

Lemon Berry Cake Cups – This recipe was so fun to make and is a great project to involve the little ones with. The lemon cake, whipped cream and berries compliment each other for a lite dessert AND you get the festive red, white, and blue. The best part about this dessert is that there is barely any mess, which is the best during parties.

Red Velvet Cake Poppers – Just about all my friends LOVE red velvet anything, so I had to add these cake poppers to my list of desserts to make this upcoming Monday. Guests usually go crazy for this sweet treat because of the bite-size portions, which are especially great for little ones. You can serve this on a try with berries or even add food coloring to a separate batch of cream for a blue center.

Watermelon Flag Cake – This no-bake dessert will be a hit at your cookout this holiday and not to mention, it is super simple to make. With the Summer weather here in Florida being so hot, I know that my guests will be looking for something light and refreshing! You can get creative with a flag design made out of berries or just go wild and cover the entire top layer with your favorite red or blue fruit.

Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Stars – This recipe is super fun to do with the kids and you really can get so creative with decorating! I personally love coconut oil and chocolate together and mixing coconut oil with white chocolate has been the only way I can ever get it to cooperate in recipes. You can get any type of sprinkles for these chocolates or even go without if you want things more simplistic.

I hope that some of these dessert ideas will give you options to make your Fourth of July even sweeter!

What is your favorite Fourth of July dessert?


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