5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Pantry

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Pantry

Spring cleaning isn’t all mops & rags, it can be fun too! That is, if you like organizing… Step one is always wiping, dusting & tossing the expired products, but we’ve come up with 5 additional steps to help you reorganize your pantry for smart storage, easy reach and effortless upkeep.


1. CURATE – How can your pantry (and kitchen) work best for you? Think about your routines and what you reach for most often and customize your organization. For example: add a coffee station, a breakfast foods shelf, a school-lunch or snack bin.

2. DESIGN – In addition to curating spaces for your most frequent activities, designating a space for small appliances is a trend we’ve been noticing lately. It’s a great way to keep those items—slow cookers, blenders, mixers, etc.—off your countertops. (Pro Level: equip your pantry with an electrical outlet so you can use your small appliances there, too!)

3. ORGANIZE – Ok this one is on EVERYONE’S list but it’s so pleasing to the eye, we had to mention it. You can use jars, baskets, drawers, labels…. the list is unending and totally depends on your pantry’s setup. Know that we feel your pain and believe in your ability to create a masterpiece!

4. MAINTAIN – Upkeep can be such a hassle, but when you bring a little FIFO into your life, it’s much easier to stay on to of expiring product. If you haven’t heard of FIFO, it’s a “first in, first out” system. The items that you may have multiples of should be stored in such a way that the older stuff gets used first.

5. MONITOR – Check in a few times a year to assess the contents and functionality of your pantry. Old ingredients need to be tossed, dust and little spills cleaned, systems tweaked, etc. These checkups mean you may never have to completely make over your pantry again!

Helpful Hint: Set a recurring event in your phone.. preferably with multiple reminders!

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