A Healthy Summer Dessert: Grilled Fruit


Grilled fruit served with yogurt dipping sauce

It’s grilling season and the first day of National Grilling Month!  Step into your backyard and enjoy a cookout with your family and friends.  Instead of spending all day inside baking a dessert before the cookout, simply cut up your favorite fruits and save them for later.  Once everyone is done with their dinner pull the fruit out of the fridge and throw it on the grill for a few minutes.  This is definitely one of my favorite summer desserts.  Its light and refreshing.  We like to serve it with vanilla frozen yogurt!






Your favorite fruits sliced (I like bananas, peaches, pineapple, and pears, but any fruit will be delicious)

Honey, to taste

1-2 tablespoons Kelapo Coconut Oil


Slice fruit.  Make sure to slice the bananas and pears right before you grill so they don’t turn brown!

Brush your grill grates with Kelapo Coconut Oil.  This will add a hint of coconut, but not too much and your fruit won’t stick.  Put the fruit on a hot grill and grill for 4-8 minutes depending on how hot your grill is. Don’t grill for too long or your fruit might get mushy.  Just grill long enough to get grill marks.

Arrange fruit on a plate and drizzle with honey.  It tastes great without the honey too!

Serve with a yogurt dipping sauce or vanilla frozen yogurt.  I highly recommend topping vanilla frozen yogurt with the grilled fruit drizzled with honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Yum!

Eat as much as you want!  This is one dessert you won’t regret later.




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