Delicious Steak Sandwich

Kelapo coconut oil steak sub

Steak Sub

Hello fellow coconuts! One of the first jobs I ever had was at Pronto Italian Deli in Largo, Florida; it was a delicious authentic Italian deli, known for its fast prep times. One of the top items at the deli were our cheese steak subs. One time a group of people from Philadelphia came into to deli saying that there was NO WAY our cheese steaks were better than the ones in Philly, by the time they had finished their subs, their minds were changed!

So today, I am going to share with you the secrets of making a delicious steak sub, all for less than fifteen dollars. I personally love steak sandwiches because they are quick, easy, and packed with protein! Not to mention…nice and filling! Try pairing this steak sandwich with your favorite chips; I always choose baked chips to cut back on fat.



Here’s what you need (serves two):

  • One 2ft French bread roll
  • One pound of steak tips
  • Eight slices of white American cheese
  • One tablespoon of Kelapo Coconut Oil
  • Salt, Pepper, and Garlic powder


  1. Tenderize steak
  2. Cut steak into thinnest slices possible
  3. Place coconut oil into large pan on medium heat
  4. Place steak into pan
  5. Add in garlic powder, salt, and pepper to preference
  6. Cook steak until browned
  7. Slice bread open lengthwise, Do not slice all the way through to other side
  8. Place sliced bread, open end down, on the edges of pan, over cooking steak for five minutes
  9. Remove bread from pan, place to the side
  10. Thoroughly drain juices from pan
  11. Place cheese slices over steak and allow them to melt, lightly mix for even amounts of cheese throughout
  12. Remove steak from pan and place it into bread rolls

For added flavor, consider adding onions, mushrooms, and pepper while you cook the steak. What’s your favorite sub to make?


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