All Natural Flea and Tick Repellent

Graham ready for his trip to the park covered in his new all natural flea and tick repellent!

It is finally October! Down here in Florida that means that, it is finally starting to cool off a bit and it is becoming more bearable to spend a lot of time outside, especially for my furry little friends. My dogs, just like any other dogs, love to run around outside, their favorite place to go is Walsingham Park. I think they like this park so much because there are a lot of winding and secluded trails so I let them walk with me without their leashes, they can explore, without getting into too much trouble. The only problem is, with all the brush and tall grasses they can sometimes pick up unwanted friends like fleas and ticks.

We went to the park yesterday and for the first time in a while both of my dogs; Iggy and Graham had picked up a tick, after removing the ticks I headed over to the my vet to get them some front-line. I just started using a new vet because not only is he affordable but he also prefers trying natural remedies before resorting to medication or surgeries. He is a big supporter of using homemade dog food and nutrition to stop problems before they start. When I asked him for front-line, he suggested I look into using cedar oil, eucalyptus, or coconut oil (he has no idea I work with coconut oil) daily instead of the front-line because the chemicals in front-line could be harmful to my pets with long-term use.

I already know coconut oil is great for dog’s coats as well as their diets, not too long ago I made a post about coconut oil dog treats, and my mom treated a bacterial infection her German shepherd had with coconut oil, so I was willing to give coconut oil a shot as a flea and tick repellent. From research online, it was suggested, I use ½ of a tablespoon on each dog daily rubbing the coconut oil onto their backs stomach and legs, but it is impossible to get my dogs to stay still! So instead, I boiled half a cup of coconut oil in a cup of water and put the mixture into a spray bottle so I can easily and quickly spray them down with their new all natural repellent. We took a trip to the park today and there were no fleas or ticks on them so, so far so good! I really like this solution, I think it will be much better for my dogs than using front-line, and it seems to be working so far.

Have you tried using this solution on your pets? Let me know how it is working in the comments!


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