Asparagus Tart

Martha Stewart's Asparagus Tart

SO remember back when I made the oh-so-delicious vegan Asparagus and White Bean Pesto Tart?

Well, even though I said I would definitely make this again for my next get-together, I managed to totally forget about it! Digging through my recipes in a panic on Wednesday morning (less than an hour before I was due at a poolside 4th of July BBQ, super impressive appetizer-in-hand), I came across this now old favorite. The only problem? Even though I have an abundance of white beans in the pantry (Thanks, Carmelina Brands) I had no cashews, which are kinda crucial. So I did what any non-vegan, dairy-lovin girl would do and decided to add cheese! And it turns out, I made the recipe as it was intended to be made, before that genius Vegan Yum Yum transformed it. Yup, the good people at Martha Stewart created the original recipe with cheese, and I stole their photo because mine was gobbled up before I could snap a decent pic. But my recipe is the best of them all, because I took the best parts of both, and added coconut oil!

This version is even easier than the white bean version, and since puff pastries come 2 per pack, you can make one vegan and one with cheese.

P.S. my party host texted me last night to ask how I made it so she could recreate it for dinner (the next day after the party!) It’s THAT good!


Asparagus Tart (non-Vegan)


1 puff pastry

4 Tbsp pesto (homemade or store-bought)

4 oz shredded Swiss Cheese

1 lb asparagus, trimmed

Kelapo coconut oil cooking spray

Salt and pepper, to taste


Thaw puff pastry and roll out into a rectangle. Cook at 400 degrees for about 15 min (I used a toaster oven and it worked fine.) Spread the pesto over the pastry and sprinkle with Swiss cheese. Then put the asparagus spears on top, alternating tips (see photo.) Spray evenly with coconut oil cooking spray, and lightly salt and pepper the whole thing. Bake about 15 more minutes, or until asparagus looks cooked (but not too shriveled.)

Use a rotary pizza cutter to make even slices and enjoy!


– Alison

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