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Being a parent means you focus all your attention on your little one and spend less time on yourself. Admit it ladies you used to dress up to go do errands and now you’re lucky if you have two of the same shoes on! After we have kids, it’s as if everything changes, you don’t get to take long, hot showers, spend a half an hour on your hair or get that perfect winged eyeliner look. There is just no time between getting your child into clean clothes, getting shoes on, packing snacks, drinks and diapers (as if your leaving for a day instead of two hours) and getting them into the car! After looking through some recent pictures, I noticed that I needed to take some time and focus on myself because I was seeing changes that I didn’t want to continue. I found some great easy and cheap uses for Kelapo coconut oil to spruce up my style, so I tried them and I’ve started feeling better! Maybe you can try these tips to make yourself feel sexy again:

  • Once a week I add coconut oil my hair and let it sit for about thirty minutes, after it has soaked in my hair I rinse it out with warm water and shampoo twice, it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I feel like I have stepped out of the salon without the high salon price! Check out our Healthy Homemade Hair Treatment if you want a deep hair repair treatment.
  • I also use the oil as a natural face moisturizer. My skin has some red spots and has an uneven complexion, when I apply the oil to my face I can really see a difference. I also use it on the rest of my body as a lotion and I can see my skin balancing itself out and becoming a lot smoother. Just add your coconut oil to your mixing bowl and blend until you get a fluffy, smooth coconut oil ‘cream’, it smells delightful and will leave your skin moisturized all day!
  • Giving yourself at home manicures can really relax you and make your nails look great. Did you know you can incorporate coconut oil in your manicures? I don’t like to use color on my nails because it chips so easily so I do a no color manicure! I simply rub coconut oil all over my hands and let it sit for about five minutes, then I shape and cut my nails and lastly I apply a clear coat.
  • Shaving my legs seems to have become a luxury since having my son so when I get the opportunity to do it, I want to do it right! I have always had sensitive skin and could never find a good shaving cream, most irritate me, but I read that coconut oil relieves inflammation and redness. I tried using the coconut oil on my legs and it works wonders, the finished product is smooth, silky legs, I love it!!

So there you have it, my tips of how to make you feel like you had a day at the spa without the extra expense! Honestly, after pampering myself I feel like a completely new person it melts my everyday stress away!

Do you use coconut oil to make yourself feel great? What are your tips for making yourself feel like a million bucks? Leave a comment or email us at

– Lani



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