National Love Your Pet Day

One of our favorite pooches, Buster!

For all of you pet lover’s out there today is a great day to spoil your furry pets to pieces as it is National Love Your Pet Day! So whether you are working today or spending it with your furry friends, be sure to give them so extra love and attention. If you really want to give them a special treat, I highly suggest coconut oil. Not only will coconut oil be a tasty treat for your pet but it has multiple health benefits no matter what type of pet you may have. From shiny fur to skin sores, coconut oil may be your new go to product for your four legged friend.

If you haven’t experienced using coconut oil with your pet before you should start out with a
small amount. We recommend ¼ teaspoon per day for small dogs or puppies and 1 teaspoon for large dogs, gradually increasing the amount every few days. If your dog seems tired or uncomfortable or has diarrhea, reduce the amount temporarily. Most pets love their daily dose of coconut oil mixed within their food. Giving the coconut oil to your pet orally, may help to relieve bad breath, which in turn means a healthy owner since our pets always try to kiss us near the face!

Pet stores are also catching onto the fad of selling coconut in in their stores. A pet store in Tampa, FL called Groovy Cats and Dogs is a
big lover of coconut oil. Yvonne Gilbert at Groovy states “We recommend coconut oil as a supplement for pets for all the same reasons it is good for people; namely when fed as a supplement (added to their food) it boosts the immune system, helping fight off all sorts of infections since it is anti-viral; anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is especially good for our pets as they are low to the ground and exposed to all sorts of things that can cause infections. When applied topically, it helps heal and soothe skin irritations and minor cuts and abrasions too. It can also help clear up tear stains when combined with a high-quality diet. Groovy has many doggie customers who have enjoyed the benefits of coconut oil. One customer in particular comes to mind (although we have dozens and dozens of stories like this one) of a little Boston Terrier named Molly. Molly had itchy, scratchy skin with irritated bumps all over until her mama came to Groovy and talked with us about how to improve her skin issues. We recommended a raw diet combined with coconut oil. Now Molly’s skin is all cleared up. No bumps and no more itching and scratching! Molly feels so much better, thanks to her good diet and the benefits of coconut oil.”

Thanks for the postive feedback Groovy Cats and Dogs! Make sure to leave your ways of using coconut oil in the comments below!


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