Benefits of a High Fat Diet and Alzheimer’s

Reasearch is constantly being done on Alzheimer’s disease, what causes it and how/if we can cure it. This is something that touches close to my family so I’m always intrigued by new information that is found. The Science Times recently published an article indicting corrulation between a high fat diet and slowing down the effects of “common” diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and Premature Aging disorder, also known as Cockayne syndrome.

“A diet high in fat also seems to postpone the aging of the brain. The findings, therefore, potentially imply that patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in the long term may benefit from the new knowledge,” he explained. Scientists link ketones and sugars being the sources of energy of our brain. They delay the aging process because of ketones. When our blood sugar is low, ketones are produced by breaking down the fat in our system.

More research is needed before the claim that a high-fat diet could slow the aging of the brain, but the scientists admitted that their study yielded some breakthrough results that will surely help with further research.” However, Scheibye-Knudsen  states “We therefore hope that a diet with a high content of coconut oil or similar fats will have a beneficial effect, because the brain cells are given extra fuel and thus the strength to repair the damage.”

I find the content very informative and interesting that a product, such as coconut oil, is so natural yet has some amazing health benefits. Another benefit to consuming coconut oil is because it is not any kind of prescription, there is no harm that can be done by adding it to your diet. If your body does not have positive feedback from consumption you may stop incorporating it into your diet with no adverse effects.

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