Benefits of a Home Birth

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If there is one thing that I am extremely passionate about it is natural child birth. I’m a pretty quiet person but if you start talking about child birth I will definitely express my opinion, just ask all of the others in the office! I cannot fathom the idea of going your whole pregnancy with doctors telling you not to take any medications and then you get to the hospital to deliver your child and they want to give you all of these medications when your child is about to enter the world! My biggest issue with hospitals is the idea of epidurals, I don’t like them at all. You can read more about the side effects and risks of epidurals from Chris Kresser L. AC.

According to, almost all births in the U.S. occurred outside of a hospital in 1900. However, in 2009, the percentage of home births declined to less than 1%. My questions is why has the rate decreased so dramatically?! 85% are births in the U.S. are low risk which means they are eligible for care at a birth center, but 98.8% of births take place in a hospital. I delivered my son in a hospital however I have vowed never to do it again as I disliked it so much. When we decide to have another child I will be having my birth in a birth center or at home where I am extremely relaxed and comfortable.

Another thing that will be incorporating into my next pregnancy and birth will be coconut oil. Coconut oil has many great benefits for child birth and pregnancy. My best advice for new mom’s or even mom’s that want a natural birth if it’s not their first go around, is to RELAX. There is so much negativity built-up around birth that women fear birth instead of letting their bodies be in control. I promise you, your body knows what to do because women have been giving birth naturally for hundreds of years. You can watch a wonderful testimony of a woman who used coconut oil during her birth here,, and she continues to use coconut oil with her daughter! Also, to avoid tearing during birth try this massage from about 34 weeks pregnant to when you deliver. I personally feel like there are many benefits to a home birth, check them out:

  • Much more relaxing than a hospital birth. You are free to walk around unlike hospital births where 76% of births, in hospitals, are restricted to staying in bed.
  • You don’t have to give birth while laying on your back, the worst way to birth according to studies. 92% of hospital births have woman deliver while laying on their back.
  • There is no pressure in receiving meds if your labor isn’t progressing how “they” want it too.
  • You, as parents, get to make the decisions of what you want to do, eat, drink, labor. You are not being told what to do unlike hospitals where they pretty much tell you have to give birth, even when to push!

What are your thoughts about natural child birth? Have you used coconut oil during or after pregnancy?




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