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Kelapo coconut oil was included in the January 2012 Eco-Emi Box.  Many bloggers have reviewed the box and our coconut oil, here are a few of our favorites:

Bare Foot in Blue Jeans “This next product can be used for a plethora of purposes! No wonder it’s called ‘ALL PURPOSE’! Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil by Kelapo. This is what Christine said about Kelapo on the card, “Harvested from exclusive coconut palms in Sri Lanka, this 100% organic, trans fat freeoil can be used as an all-natural, flavorful, and energy packed, butter alternative. Coconut oil is fantastic to cook with or bake with, it’s ideal for taking off waterproof mascara and is a wonderful moisturizer for your body and face, Coconut oil is also a fantastic conditioner for your hair. Just rub a pea sized amount in your hands and apply to dry  hair-combing through with your fingers for super soft shiny hair!” I can’t wait to use this product! I like the hair idea, and I’m definitely going to try that today!”   Later on she posted on our website – “I got a sample of Kelapo coconut oil in my Eco Emi box last month. I love it! I use it in my hair, for cooking, on my lips, and so many other things! Kelapo is a great brand for coconut oil!”


Confessions of a Beauty-holic – “I LOVED this and actually ended up buying an entire jar!”


It’s Always Something – Organic virgin coconut oil, from Kelapo.   According to the little info card, coconut oil can be used for tons of things.  I know from my soaping days that it’s great in soap, but this says you can use it straight as a body moisturizer or hair conditioner or even for taking off waterproof mascara.  It also suggests using as a butter alternative, and of course for cooking or baking.  Who knew?


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