Bread Spread 3 Ways

I don’t know about you, but if left alone with a delicious loaf of bread I can devour the whole thing in one sitting! Thankfully for me, gluten free breads have gotten quite tasty over the years.

One of the best qualities of bread is it’s versatility in both savory and sweet recipes. Today we have a recipe for three spreads to make snack time more enjoyable. So whether it’s sourdough, white, wheat or rye, be sure to give these spreads a try!






The best part about these spreads is how simple it is to take a few ingredients and mix them up quickly for instant snack gratification.

Savory Ghee Spread
2 tbsp Kelapo ghee, soft
1 pinch each of garlic powder, sea salt, chicory and dried rosemary

Sweet Coconut Spread
2tbsp Kelapo coconut oil, soft
1 pinch each of cinnamon and brown sugar
1 drop vanilla extract

Spiced Ghee Spread
2 tbsp Kelapo ghee, soft
1 pinch each of curry powder, chipotle powder, sea salt
1 dash of sriracha or thai chili paste

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