Buttercream Easter Eggs

Chocolate Dipped Buttercream Easter Eggs

What are your family traditions for Easter or Passover?  When I was growing up, my sisters and I would always dye Easter eggs and make buttercream Easter egg treats with my grandmother and mom.  We have old voice recordings of the hours we’d spend in the kitchen together.  In our squeaky children’s voices you can hear us getting directions of how to make the eggs, or more accurately fighting with one another over who got to do what job!  Ah, sisterly rivalry. At the end though, we’d always have delicious eggs to share with the rest of the family on Easter morning in our Easter baskets.

Here is the recipe to make buttercream Easter eggs and since you’ve come to a blog about coconut oil, we’ve substituted all butter for coconut oil.  Not only do they taste just as delicious, now your vegan friends can enjoy them too!


1/4 lb coconut oil

2 lb powered sugar

1/2 cup mashed potaoes

1 teaspoon vanilla

For the chocolate shell:

3/4 lb bitter chocolate

1/4 lb coconut oil


Easter "Bunny"

Blend coconut oil and potatoes until cool.  Make sure to de-skin the potatoes for cleaner looking buttercream.  Add sugar and vanilla until creamy.  Add shaved coconut or fruits and nuts to batter for variations on the buttercream.  Mold into Easter eggs shapes or one large thin layer of buttercream.  Chill 1 hour.  Use themed cookie cutters to shape buttercream into desired decorative shapes.  Chill another 15 minutes before adding to chocolate.

Mix chocolate shell ingredients, bitter chocolate and coconut oil, over low heat. Do not use milk chocolate unless you want a sweet overload in your mouth.  The buttercream is so sweet that the bitter chocolate works best to balance the flavor.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of paraffin wax to the chocolate shell for an even more hard candy shell, that takes longer to melt.  Dip eggs in chocolate and place on wax paper.  Chill.  Repeat dipping process until a thick chocolate shell forms around eggs.  Usually takes 2-3 dips.  You must chill eggs between dips.  Makes 3 dozen.

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