Chef Cristian’s Roasted Organic Vegetables


One of my favorite finds at my local market is fresh organic vegetables. I am, by no means, a vegetarian, but I love to add fresh fruits and vegetables to my omnivorous diet. The variety of produce available yearly and seasonally allows one to create different combinations – with so many varieties of produce available throughout the year and seasonally, it’s very easy to create different combinations to keep one’s palate entertained throughout the year.

I have chosen to share this recipe because I believe that good vegetables need very little dressing up. Roasting them over a fire (even on a grill or oven), and finishing them off with simple ingredients is all one needs to enjoy fresh vegetables.

NOTE: When roasting vegetables, it is always good practice to coat them in oil. The oil acts as, both, a sealant and heat conductor, enabling you to cook them faster and sealing in more of their natural moisture. For this recipe I have chosen Kelapo virgin coconut oil for its coconut aroma and good heat conductivity.

Add feta for the perfect side dish!

The ingredients for this recipe are as follows:
– Baby organic eggplants (white and purple varieties)
– Purple organic beans
– Green organic beans
– Mixed organic mini peppers
Kelapo virgin coconut oil
– Caper berries for garnish
– Sea salt and fresh ground pepper
– Feta cheese


1. Cut and trim your veggies. Lay them out on a pan and coat them with a thin layer of Kelapo virgin coconut oil.

2. Heat your grill on high and place the veggies on the grill. Turn often and cook until the veggies are somewhat soft – don’t let them burn. Although it’s ok to have some burn spots on the skin. When you remove them from the grill they will still keep cooking from the residual inner heat, so note that.

NOTE: Grilling is a skill perfected after much practice. The more you do it, the better you will get at knowing when the food is done. So get out there and grill! And for those of you who are beginners – undercooked is better than burnt in this case.


Chef Cristian Feher, Tampa Bay Chef Services

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