Coconut Oil: A Beauty Review

As I become more “vintage” (I overheard that once and LOVE it!), I find myself ditching the chemicals in my beauty routine. Similar to how I eat, if I can’t pronounce it, I try my best not to use it. As you’ve seen in my Skin Polish and Moisturizer blogs, I’m addicted to using Kelapo for my skin and have really noticed a difference in clarity and smoothness since cleaning out my vanity.

8 ounces of goodness!

We recently reached out to a Texas duo, Alex and Emily from the YouTube channel FromtheVanity, for their take on our organic coconut oil. Since they are the authority on all things beauty and we’re the authority on all things coconut oil – it was a perfect match. For a few weeks, the pair tried our product in just about every way imaginable – from a makeup remover to a cuticle cream – and are now extra virgin coconut oil fans!

Some of their favorite uses included making a hair mask (try our vegan one here), lotion (Alex says she mixed Kelapo with her current lotion and Emily used it alone), and shaving cream. Emily also made one of our Body Scrubs and said it helped her spray tan stay longer.

We’re so glad FromtheVanity were able try us out and tell their fans about Kelapo Coconut Oil. You can also share your own product review on our Facebook page or YouTube channel. We love to hear from our Kelapo fans!

Have a beautiful day!


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