Fight Food Allergies with Coconut Oil

Food allergies can be a parent’s worst nightmare. I remember my own mom and dad cleansing the pantry of everything I thought was yummy and replacing it with bland rice cakes and other allergy approved items after my younger sister went through a battery of tests. For our family, the move was thankfully precautionary and she has no signs of food allergies.

Kelapo's Soy-Free, Non-Stick Spray gives everyone the chance to enjoy flavorful foods!

But for millions of parents, checking the ingredient labels for certain items is a constant action before every meal. From peanuts to soy to gluten, food allergies are a big concern, and can even pose serious health issues. Food Allergy Awareness Week, celebrated from May 12 – 18, was created in 1998 by FARE to help educate others about the very subject.

This week, and every week, Kelapo Coconut Oil is proud to help offer alternatives to people with food sensitivities. From our Cheddar Chicken Wraps to Frozen Peanut Butter Pies to the ever popular Cauliflower Crust Pizza, we’ve found easy ways to avoid gluten but still make the food enjoyable for all ages!

Our Cooking Spray is the best-bet for those with a soy allergy. As one of the few sprays on the market without added soy, we are happy to offer a quality non-stick spray anyone can enjoy and use. Not only does it make baking muffins or flipping eggs easier, our spray can also be used to make a soy-free Coconut Rice and Veggie dish. Delicious!

One of the many advantages about using coconut oil is it is hypoallergenic – meaning having any sort of allergic reaction to it is very rare. Let’s take this week to spread awareness. Share your tips and tricks to making delicious, allergy-free dishes with every Kelapo fan!


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