Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera: Summer Must-Haves

Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Mixture

Today officially marks the first day of summer! Living in Florida and dealing with 90 degree heat for the past two months, it’s felt like summer for me A LONG time ago. My house is located about five minutes away from the beach, so that’s one place you will find me on the weekends. When I was younger, I can’t tell you the numerous times I would bake in the sun. Now that I’m older, I have learned my lesson and try to protect myself as much as possible. Of course there will be times a sun burn may occur when you miss a spot with sunscreen or stay out a little longer than expected. I’m a firm believer of putting aloe vera gel on my sun burns every hour to help prevent peeling.

This past weekend, I took my dad to Anna Maria Island for Father’s Day and spent a beautiful day on the beach. Unfortunately, I missed a tiny spot when rubbing in sun screen and got a tad burnt. Since there’s so many benefits of coconut oil, I decided to mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil for a sun burn relief. Coconut oil is amazing as a moisturizer and the aloe vera gel helps with the relief of burns, this combination worked like a charm! As an added tip, try putting this mixture in the freezer 5 minutes before applying for an extra cooling sensation.


2 Tablespoons Kelapo Coconut Oil

2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel


Before and After

Place both ingredients in a small jar or bowl and mix thoroughly together.  Apply to affected area(s) of sun burn as needed.

If you’re able to purchase vitamin E oil, adding a few drops to this mixture will help as an extra healing agent. Feel free to make larger quantities of this recipe, depending on how large the sun burnt area is. I made sure to apply this mixture to my skin every hour and sure enough, I didn’t peel. My skin was left feeling soothed and moisturized after each application. To ensure you stay well protected from the sun this summer, try Michelle’s Natural Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide. Remember it’s best to apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and make sure to re-apply every 2 to 3 hours if you’re spending a day outside.


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