Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Post-Coconut Oil Rubdown Belly Shot!

Post Coconut Oil Rubdown Belly Shot!

One of life’s greatest miracles happened and I’m excited to say that I’m now pregnant! From the first few weeks of finding out and until now, I have been doing my reading and research on body changes during pregnancy. Since every woman is different, it make take your body at least a few months before you start noticing the pregnancy affecting your skin, breasts, tummy and so much more.

I have always been a huge fan of coconut oil and let me tell you – I’m even more obsessed now that I’m pregnant. Aside from cooking and baking, coconut oil is amazing when used topically for beauty purposes. From the first few weeks of pregnancy, I started to notice a lot of changes to my skin, which I turned to coconut oil for and absolutely LOVED! From that point on, I have been hooked and plan to continue to use it throughout my entire pregnancy.

Here are some of my favorite beauty uses for coconut oil during pregnancy:

Acne – A week before I found out I was pregnant, I was breaking out so much! Unfortunately, the acne still has not gone away for me and I’m not sure if it will because of all the hormone changes. I use coconut oil on my face twice a day, both morning and night, in order to help reduce any redness and inflammation of the acne on my face. Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which I feel have made a big difference in controlling acne naturally. Simply wash your face in the morning with your favorite cleanser and apply coconut oil directly to skin or spot treat the acne. Repeat this for your nightly routine. As an added bonus, you can also remove your make up with coconut oil!

Dry Nipples – Around my 8-10th week of pregnancy, my nipples became ridiculously dry – like to the point of flaking. I religiously applied coconut oil to them about 2-4 times daily and can honestly say that this helped a lot! Now ladies, I’m sure this will only get worse as pregnancy months go on and during breastfeeding, so this is something to be on top of, even if it’s only once a day after you shower.

Stretch Marks – When you think about taking precaution from stretch marks during, be sure to be mindful of other areas besides that growing tummy. I have had multiple friends who told me they neglected other areas of the skin while pregnant and now regret it. I religiously apply coconut oil to my tummy, breasts, glutes, inner and outer thighs, and lower back – focusing on all my areas that have been changing and growing the most. Coconut oil has amazing moisturizing properties and I’m a fan of lathering up as soon as I’m out of the shower. This way, my pores are open and more willing to absorb the coconut oil. Feel free to also keep any lotions you’re using in your beauty routine as well – you can use coconut oil as many times as desired.

Teeth – I read a lot that your gums may start to become swollen, red, and tender during pregnancy and never thought this would happen to me. Well, then the 13th week of pregnancy hit and one night I had a mouth full of blood after brushing my teeth. These symptoms are known as pregnancy gingivitis and caused from the hormonal changes that make your gums inflamed and more sensitive. To help this, I turned to the old method of oil pulling with coconut oil, which is known for drawing out the toxins in your body and improving oral health naturally. Simply take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish around for 15-20 minutes, and then discard.

Hair Care – With prenatal vitamins and a pregnancy “glow,” both friends and family have noticed how long my hair has gotten! In order to help keep the healthiness of my hair, I use coconut oil for both hair masks and as an all-natural anti-frizz treatment. When you’re done blow drying your hair, simply take a pea sized amount of coconut oil and run through your hair, then style as desired.

These beauty tips are how I’m choosing to use coconut oil during my pregnancy and will continue to keep on them as I get farther along as well. I make sure to have a large jar in the bathroom and bedroom so I’m always reminded to keep up with my pregnancy routine.

How do you use coconut oil during your pregnancy? I would love to learn new ways!

Be on the lookout for my next blog of healthy eating during pregnancy.


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