Coconut Oil and Thyroid Function

Having a thyroid issue can be frustrating. There’s not much I really have to say about it – because for those suffering from an under or over performing thyroid, it’s frustrating. The weight gain, the tiredness – it can all cause stress.

Using extra virgin coconut oil may help ease symptoms of thyroid disease.

While coconut oil may not complete get rid of the thyroid, it can help with some of the symptoms of the disease. Dr. Oz says using coconut oil in a healthy diet may help spark your metabolism, which can then help with the weight gain. United Health Care physician, Dr. Elson Haas, also says coconut oil can be used to help manage symptoms, like fatigue, in patients with thyroid problems.

Kathryn C., shares her story about using extra virgin coconut oil as a way to help manage the symptoms of her hypothyroidism:

“I have dealt with hypothyroidism for almost a decade now and it has affected every aspect of my life from weight to dry skin. My energy level has also been severely affected by this disorder. During one of my routine thyroid-related doctor visits, I mentioned my energy level was particularly low and I was putting on quite a bit of weight for now apparent reason. We discussed my lifestyle, my eating habits, and throughout our conversation the topic of cooking oils came up. I told him I used primarily olive oil when I cook because I read and heard this was a better oil. My doctor told me that, while olive oil is better than other oils, it’s primarily Omega-6s which aren’t as good for you as Omega-3s.  He then suggested that I try coconut oil in my cooking.

I was skeptical at first, fearing that everything I cooked and then ate would taste like coconut (I’m not a big fan of coconut in general). I couldn’t be more wrong! My food tasted delicious, and the coconut oil added a level of depth to the flavor that I wasn’t expecting, in short; I love it! My skin is softer, more hydrated, and I’ve noticed a change in my energy level. My weight is slowing coming off of me again, which is in turn helping with my energy level. My doctor is very pleased with my progress and more importantly, I feel better! I know this is, at least in part, due to my change in cooking oil from olive oil to coconut oil.”

Kathryn also says she saw a “notable difference” in her body’s fat storage, including a reduced appearance of cellulite on her stomach and thighs.

Exercise may also help with controlling your thyroid. Try Kayla’s Fat Busting Cardio and read her tips for Taming Those Trouble Spots.


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