Relax That Messy Beard

Before and After

Alright guys let’s talk about facial hair. I know growing out a beard can be hard; some spots grow in faster than others do, it can start to look scraggly and unkempt, and then there is that unbearable itch! For any ladies reading this I know that sometimes your man’s beard can look messy and the rough hair can irritate and itch at your skin as well. I am sure you already know where I am going with this, but coconut oil can help.

As the proud owner of a beard myself, I was seriously annoyed with how messy my face would start to look. No matter what I did, it seemed like there were always a bunch of loose hairs pointing straight out off of my face. I tried shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, I even tried using a little bit of gel to keep it down. What I needed was something to seriously relax and soften my facial hair. After reading, various articles, about how women were using coconut oil to fight split ends and just improve their overall hair health in general I decided to try it out on my beard.

Here’s what I did: I took a generous amount of coconut oil and just gently massaged it into my beard, then a took a paper towel and lightly dabbed the area to remove any of the excess oil (the first time I tried it started to drip off of my face), I waited for about twenty minutes, and then I rinsed shampooed and conditioned. After doing this my beard was totally relaxed, the hair was extremely soft, it was not the least bit itchy. The relaxed hair gave my beard a more uniformed look as far as length and thickness go, it added to the shine of my hair, and as an added bonus my face smelled tropical and delicious. I would highly recommend trying this coconut oil treatment to anyone with facial hair in any form. I like to do this treatment every two or three days, and as an added tip, the longer you leave in the coconut oil the better the effects.


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