Coconut Oil Coffee Scrub

Ok ladies, and gents, it’s time to talk about…cellulite. While it’s more common than Hollywood would have us believe, I’m not sure anyone wants it around. Let’s first clear the confusion over cellulite. It is something anyone of any weight and age can have. The dimples you see is nothing more than “normal” fat being pushed against the skin by the connective tissue.

Perk up your beauty routine with this coffee scrub!

One way to get rid of cellulite is by working out, especially aerobic exercises. You can start with the Superman Workout and Kayla’s Lower Body Workout to really target the areas where cellulite tends to be more prevalent.

Another solution, although it’s temporary, is a coffee scrub. Coffee has been found to incredible healthy for your body, inside and out. The grounds are an aromatic exfoliate for dry skin and may increase circulation and decrease water retention, according to Women’s Health beauty expert, Renee Loux. She says fresh coffee grounds can help tone and tighten skin temporarily by stimulating blood vessels. Mix this with coconut oil – and you’ve got one magical potion for a better behind.

The scrub I made had three ingredients, but I think I might make another batch with vitamin E and perhaps some honey. This way I can also use it in my morning routine to really wake me up.

Coconut Coffee Scrub

1/2 cup fresh coffee grounds (pick a flavor you’d most like to smell like)

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 cup sugar, any kind


Mix all three ingredients together until well blended into a paste. Add more coconut oil if necessary. Rub on skin before a shower then rinse in warm water. Pat dry and moisturize with more coconut oil.

Need more coffee inspired recipes? Try our Energizing Coffee Protein Shake or the ever popular Bulletproof Coffee.




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