Coconut Oil Faux Latex

Faux Latex ready to be molded into anything you can imagine!

Hello everyone Halloween is right around the corner so I wanted to share with you an awesome recipe for faux latex. You can use this latex to create prosthetics for special effects make up, like cuts scars or scrapes, as well as use it to mold yourself a point ear or some spikey knuckles, you could also put it in a mold and make fake brains!! You really are only limited to whatever you can think of, it is a fun and easy craft that anyone can enjoy.

 You only need three ingredients to make Hollywood magic at home: gelatin, rice flower, and of course Kelapo coconut oil.

In a sauce pan mix 1 cup of water, ¼ cup of rice flower, 1 ½ packets of gelatin, and one tablespoon of Kelapo coconut oil. Mix ingredients until the flower  is completely dissolved, at this stage you can add make up to the mix to have the latex come out skin colored, then heat until mixture is a pudding like consistency, once it has reached this consistency cook for one additional minute while still continuously stirring, after one minute allow the latex to cool.

Be careful once you are finished the latex will be extremely hot! Give it a few minutes to cool down and then your latex is ready to mold. If I would have changed anything about this recipe I would have been a bit more liberal with the gelatin because it did not turn out as hard as I would have liked.


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