Coconut Oil Recommended for Olympic Athletes

Speed skater, Apolo Anton Ohno

Opening Day of the Summer 2012 Olympics is almost here!  Don’t just sit on the couch and watch them, get in shape like the Olympians by working out and eating like they do.  Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios recently shared some great tips to help you stay in shape almost like an Olympian.  Of course coconut oil was included in those tips.  Isabel recommends coconut oil to help you maintain a healthy immune system.

“Coconuts and coconut oil are rich in lauric acid, and contain the same compounds found in breast milk that strengthens a baby’s immunity. A great deal of research has been done establishing the ability of lauric acid to enhance immunity.

Make sure your coconuts and coconut oil are organic ones that are unrefined, unbleached, made without heat processing or chemicals, and are non-GMO.”

Isabel De Los Rios, WeHo News


Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios isn’t the only one recommending coconut oil for Olympians! Speed skater, Apolo Anton Ohno eats coconut oil when preparing for races.  The NY Times recently reported that Ohno “gorged on brown rice pasta prepared with coconut oil and essential fats” the night before and morning of every race.

Olympic Triathlete and gold medalist, Simon Whitfield makes sure to stick to a diet that is full of healthy fats. “Diet is a big part of what fuels him. When Whitfield was younger, he used to carb-load and avoid all fat. Now he eats a lot of healthy fats such as olive and coconut oil.” –


It isn’t just Olympians who use coconut oil to fuel up before the big event.  Pitcher for the Texas Rangers, CJ Wilson, also focuses on eating a clean diet.  “For Wilson, an important part of his endurance comes from what he eats.” CJ’s personal chef, Aaron Elliott, “uses all organic products.  He cooks with coconut oil instead of olive oil.”

According to Aaron, CJ has some gameday superstitions that he simply will not break on days he is pitching.  “His game day omelet consists of three eggs with spinach, mushrooms, bell pepper and onion. The vegetables are sauteed in coconut oil before the eggs are added.”


Other athletes who have made coconut oil a part of their daily routine include Lance Armstrong and celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels.

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