Spring Beauty Uses with Coconut Oil

Citrus Scrub!

Spring is now officially in full swing, which means I’m starting to come out of my winter shell with my daily beauty routine. I know it sounds horrible, but there’s something about being in a cold climate that makes me not want to put a face of make up on or even do my hair. With the sun shining and warm breeze starting, I’m letting my hair down, highlighting my face, and even hitting the beach for some natural sunshine.

Today I wanted to share my Spring beauty routine, which honestly includes one ingredient: Coconut oil. Coconut oil is my go-to for absolutely anything – my fiancé thinks I’m crazy, but all my girlfriends are just as obsessed as I am. I can tell you right now, if you haven’t tried coconut oil for your beauty routine, you’re missing out! From hair care to face, there are so many ways that you can use this versatile oil.

Here’s a list of my favorite ways to use coconut oil in the Spring months:

Makeup Primer – My face is extra dry in the morning, so I recently started applying coconut oil to my face before applying my makeup to help increase moisture. Now, I definitely think that this may be a selective thing to do, but I do love the look my face gets when applying coconut oil prior to my makeup – a subtle glow. Even with having coconut oil on my face, my makeup still stays throughout the day! Simply take a finger tip full of coconut oil out of the jar and gently massage into skin, then apply makeup as desired.

Hair Mask – My hair gets frizzy and a little unmanageable on a weekly basis, so I turned to coconut oil to help combat my crazy locks. A little coconut oil can go a long way when applying it to dry hair, so definitely be careful with how much you streak through for anti-frizz. My favorite and relaxing way to help with my hair is by making a homemade honey and spice hair mask.

DIY Bath Oil – I’m bath obsessed and during the spring, I bring out my lavender scents to relax and calm myself. I love to run a hot bath and add in a tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The combination will leave your tub smelling so soothing and your skin will be baby smooth once you’re done soaking in the hot bath.

Body Scrub – Spring time makes me want to exfoliate all the dead winter skin that I have from wearing long sleeves and layers. Lemon is another one of my go-to scents, so I used real lemon, sugar, and coconut oil to make this simple scrub. You can store this scrub in a plastic container with a lid and keep it in your shower or bathroom counter for daily use. If you have guests over, place this scrub in a dish next to your sink for guests to exfoliate and soften their hands.

Make Up Remover – The same coconut oil that I prime my face with is the same oil that I use to now take my makeup off! Let me tell you, this works absolute WONDERS! Coconut oil will take off any excess foundation that you may have on your face and it will also remove stubborn mascara and any dark lipstick color. Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and swoop over a washed face. You may want to have one cotton ball for your eyes and one for your face, just to make sure that you’re not rubbing any old makeup into your skin.

After Sun Moisturizer – Now that the sun is shining, I’m making my way to the beach each weekend to catch some sunlight. Unfortunately, after not being in the sun for so many months, I tend to burn a little easier at first. If sun-burnt, apply coconut oil topically to your affected area every hour until relief is achieved. Coconut oil naturally moisturizes and also has anti-inflammatory properties for that newly red skin.

Have you tried coconut oil in your beauty routine? What’s your favorite beauty use?

– Kayla

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