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As most of you probably know, I recently did a blog about coconut oil and tattoo care. I use coconut oil to moisturize my tattoos every day. Last weekend I decided to go to the beach with a few friends and I completely forgot to bring any sunscreen, being born and raised near the beaches of the gulf coast, this is not an uncommon occurrence for me. Even with the potential risk of skin damage, I decided to suck it up, and stay out in the sun; boy did I pay for it. When I got home from the beach, I cleaned myself up and realized I was incredibly sunburned. Even though a majority of my skin was lobster red, I was delightfully surprised to see the area around my tattoo unaffected. I wondered for some time what had caused my stroke of good fortune, and suddenly I remembered that I had applied coconut oil before going out. Could it really be possible that coconut oil protected my skin from sunburn? I had to find out.

After doing some internet sleuthing, I found this: “It is a peer-reviewed study from the national Center for Biological Information; it talks about the potential effectiveness of coconut oil as a sunscreen. The study talks about how when you apply coconut oil to your skin it aids in blocking harmful sun radiation that causes burning. So not only is coconut oil moisturizing my skin, but it seems that it is also helping me protect against sunburn as well!”

To use coconut oil as a sun block:

  • Whip Kelapo Coconut Oil until you have an even consistency throughout
  • Apply liberally and allow time for oil to be absorbed by skin
What are some ways that you help to prevent sunburn? Do they involve coconut oil?


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