Coconut Oil vs. Butter

Coconut Oil vs. Butter

Coconut Oil is becoming extremely popular and taking Hollywood by storm; check out our  Top 5 New Celebrities to Coconut Oil. However, there are still many people who are skeptical of coconut oil and it’s benefits over butter and olive oil.

We spoke with the owner of Life Fitness Academy, Terry Barga, about using coconut oil and he said, “We love coconut oil and raw, pastured butter here at Life Fitness Academy and definitely recommend that our clients get rid of their polyunsaturated vegetable oils in favor of more stable fats that are not quick to go rancid. Many people cannot find a good source of raw, pastured butter and so coconut oil is invaluable to have on hand. We do not recommend commercial butter as the milk typically comes from such a poor source where the cows have not been out on pasture and are filled with hormones or antibiotics and fed genetically modified corn and soy. Also, the milk solids in butter cause it to smoke quicker when used in cooking, unless using ghee or clarified butter. Coconut oil, filled with medium chain fatty acids, is used quickly for energy and not stored in the body fat. In addition to not going rancid easily, coconut oil also offers its anti-microbial activity which can help in lowering the amount of free radical damage in the body and speed up healing. Also, being that our hormones are synthesized from fats and cholesterol, it is vitally important to have quality fats, especially when trying to lose weight and achieve health and wellness.”

Still not sure about why you should use coconut oil? Check out the information below:

I personally enjoy using coconut in all of my dishes as opposed to butter. I have found that using coconut oil in replace of butter gives dishes a whole new taste. When using butter in recipes the food tends to taste slightly creamy and you can taste the salt, but when cooking with coconut oil the flavor of the dish is enhanced. Whether you bake or cook with coconut oil, you will get to savor the taste of your food.

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– Leslee


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