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I hope everyone had a Happy New Year, but as my favorite Disney movie song goes “let’s get down to business”. Let’s start this year off on the right foot by detoxing. When using the word detox, more often than not it is associated with dieting but that is not the only meaning to it. We can use it for a mental or personal cleanse besides the health benefits that come from detoxing. When thinking about happiness and a sense of clarity we cannot solely rely on food. These feelings have more to do with the people that surround you and how you perceive yourself. For this reason I’ll be explaining how I will be doing my own complete detox

My personal detox will be to get rid of the people that bring negativity to my life and surround myself with the people that creative a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. We want to savor the time we have on Earth not waste it being around people that bring you down. A person that brings you happiness when thinking of them is someone you want to see more of as opposed to someone you hang with and then feel completely drained. People you share the same interests with, people who inspire you, people who want you to aspire to reach greater heights or people who are supportive, these are the kinds of friends you want in your life on a constant basis.

The things we say and do have big consequences in our lives so be privy to what you are saying and doing. The energy that surrounds you is based on those actions and words. If you want to bring good and positive thoughts into your life, you have affirm those thoughts. Positive affirmations is another thing I will be working on in 2019. Doing these on daily basis will make your life better one day at a time. Write yourself kind notes and say them to others as well. Just by saying “good morning” and acknowledging someone you do not know can change the course of their and your day. It is well-known that optimistic people have a healthier life-style, but while it is easy to say you want to be optimistic in reality it is quite hard. It is okay to have bad days or wake up in a bad mood but the important thing here is to become conscious of that attitude, so you do not let it impact the rest of your day.

Listening to uplifting music and reading books that inspire you are great ideas to increase that positive and happy outlook on life. Take yourself out on a nice date. Being at peace in your own company is an amazing way to gain that sense of clarity. Who better understands you than yourself? Do whatever makes YOU happy and do it often!

Now, how to use coconut oil for detoxing is completely foreign to me and is definitely not for everyone but if you’re willing to give it a try I have found this article where you can use Kelapo Coconut Oil.

Remember to always stay positive and continue to have an amazing 2019.

Peace, love and Kelapo ♥


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