Customer Love

Stratford University Students

Last month Kelapo attended the Natural Products Expo East Trade Show. We met tons of amazing individuals, but I personally love when we change someone’s view on coconut oil all together. While at Expo East, we were visited by students from Stratford University all of whom are interested in the Culinary Arts. They tasted our zucchini bread made with Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and become believers in how much Kelapo adds to flavors.

One student said, “I never thought that coconut oil can make that big of a difference, but obviously it’s true!”

Another student said, “Definitely full of flavor… and brings the life out in any dish!” He continued to say, “…everyone has to blog about it and tweet about it!”

You can see their excitement and everything that had to say here: Customer Love – Expo East

Now, if we could just get everyone to say Kel-a-poe because “Chefs who know use Kelapo!”

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