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We love hearing about how our customers love using Kelapo. Whether it is by email or by phone, your positive feedback is what keeps us here at Kelapo happy!

Our Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray is one of our newest products and by far our most popular product! Everyone who uses the spray raves about the outcome of whatever dish they prepared with it and who could blame them, this product is great. I personally had never tried the product before but when I did I was amazed, it’s one of the best nonstick sprays out there.

Bernadet from California was just as excited to try the spray as I was! She contacted us earlier this week because she wanted to be able to purchase the spray at a store close to her home.

Kelapo Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

After reviewing the store locator on, we found out that there wasn’t a store close enough for her, so she ended up purchasing SIX sprays from our website. She also raved that the cooking spray is wonderful because it is the only spray that contains NO soy! Bernadet will also be taking our Kelapo Product Request Form to all of the stores in her area so they will be able to carry our brand!

We are thrilled that we have customers like Bernadet who love Kelapo so much that they want everyone else to try it as well! We want to hear your feedback, send us an email about why you love Kelapo to!


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