Customer Love

We received a phone call a few days ago from a customer who had fallen in love with coconut oil and Kelapo. She raved about it for 30 minutes, no joke! Here are some of the ways she uses her coconut oil :

  • uses a tablespoon in her dog’s food (which brought energy to her older dog)
  • uses as a moisturizer, sunscreen and even a lip balm
  • adds to her coffee and tea to get that 3 o’clock burst of energy
  • gives her that drive to do yard work, even in this HOT summer.

   Janet also told me that she really enjoyed the mild taste and the packaging of Kelapo as opposed to the other brands. She recommends Kelapo to ALL of her friends and family, it is her fix-it-all item!

  We love to hear of all the different ways you use coconut oil in your everyday life! Email us at or leave us a comment!!

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