Deep Frying in Coconut Oil: Helpful Tips

Use coconut oil to fry everything from sweet potato fries to fried chicken to homemade donuts!

Gearing up for that time of year when most of us throw away our New Years Resolutions (that’s right, it’s almost Super Bowl food time!) I thought I would cover some deep-frying basics. Coconut Oil is great for everything from jalapeno poppers to fried chicken, and to get the best food possible, you’ve  got to make sure your oil is hot enough. If you don’t have hot enough oil (a common mistake by home cooks) your food could come out pale and greasy (gross).

The best way is to use a candy thermometer (duh) or a fryer with a heating dial. You will want your oil to be between 325-375 degrees, depending on your recipe. If you don’t have a thermometer or temperature gauge, here’s a neat trick we picked up from Cook’s Country.

How to tell if your coconut oil is ready to fry:

Wait a few minutes. When you think the oil might be ready, drop a small piece of bread (crust removed) or small spoonful of batter into the hot oil.

Too cold:    If nothing happens when you add the bread, the oil is not hot enough. Remove the bread and wait a few more minutes, then try again with a new piece of bread.

Too hot:     If the oil bubbles furiously or the bread browns instantly, the oil is too hot. Take the pan off the heat and wait a few minutes before adding your food.

Just right:  The bread should sizzle and produce tiny bubbles. Add your food!

Hope you find that helpful. Check back closer to the Big Game for more helpful deep-frying tips! Go Niners!


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