DIY: Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Let’s face it we all have dry, dead skin that we want to get rid of, but I hate spending money on expensive skin treatments filled with ingredients I’ve never heard of, so I decided to make my own. It was surprisingly easy and only took a few minutes to make.  However, be careful not to use this scrub more than once a week or you could end up irritating your skin.


¼ cup Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, room temperature

½ cup sugar (I used white sugar, but you can use brown sugar)

1 tsp. peppermint extract (optional)

Glass Jar with Lid


1.Mix the coconut oil and sugar slowly until the mixture becomes thick and paste like.

2. Add  1 tsp. of peppermint extract and mix in.

Coconut Oil Body Scrub

3. You can now start using your body scrub. If you want to save it and use it later place it in a glass jar that has a lid, we used a baby food jar. You could also use an empty Kelapo jar.

I loved the way it made my skin feel while I was making it and after I started using it. The peppermint also made my bathroom smell amazing. I was event thinking about buying mason jars and making these homemade scrubs for holiday gifts! Remember to store this at room temperature above 76* F, so that the coconut oil does not solidify.

You can find more DIY beauty tips and tricks here and here. You can also see how this made by watching this video.

– Leslee

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