DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Pamper your mom for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Do you know what you are getting for your mom yet? Why not plan something special for your mom? She loves nothing more than spending time with the love of her life, you! So plan a special day for her and make some DIY gifts along the way. Here are two ideas to choose from:


Mom and Daughter Spa Day

Ahead of time make your mom a DIY Spa Gift Basket. In the basket include:

Once you have the basket made, plan out the day. Wake your mom up with breakfast in bed! Make her favorite dish or try something new: heart healthy oatmeal, perfect paleo breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, or eggs benedict. After breakfast, pamper yourselves with everything in the spa basket you made for your mom! Spend the afternoon shopping, catch a movie, or let your mom pick her favorite thing to do. End the day with a homemade dinner for your mom. Let her help if she wants, it will be a fun experience to cook with your mom instead of one of you doing all of the work. Let her pick the dish or head to our recipe section for some more great ideas!


Mom’s Beach Day

Ahead of time make your mom’s favorite dessert or try a new one she might like: Homemade chocolate truffles, vegan chocolate cherry cheesecake, or a coconut layer cake. Don’t forget about something easy you guys can grab and eat on the way to the beach like our pancake muffinsprotein breakfast cookies, or zucchini bread.

Spend the day at the beach, make sure to pack lunch if you don’t want fried beach food. Or try our grilled chicken Caesar wrap to take with you. Just in case you or your mom got a little too much sun, you also might want to have some home remedies prepared. I know I’m always tired after a day in the sun, so spend the night in. Grab some takeout from your mom’s favorite restaurant, it will be too packed to go out to eat anyways. Turn on Netflix and watch your mom’s favorite movie. Don’t forget the popcorn! Try our healthy microwave popcorn and drizzle a little coconut oil on top instead of butter. Last, but not least surprise your mom with the dessert you prepared the day before.


Try one of these ideas out, your mom will love spending the whole day with you and she will especially love seeing all of the personal touches by you. Have a great Mother’s Day!


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