DIY Sugar Beet Scrub

I’ve been on a natural kick for some time now. And while I have not fully converted over my entire beauty routine (it’s a gradual process to part ways with my favorite eye shadow), I am working on it. The best place to start is what goes on my lips.

All-natural beauty that is pretty as it is delicious!

Not only do I constantly lick my lips out of habit and/or stress (one of which may have led to the other) but there was a recent study looking at just how toxic some of lipsticks can be. Can we say scary!?!

“We looked at nine heavy metals and found that all of them were present in most of the lipsticks, but not necessarily at really high levels,” study author Katharine Hammond, a professor of environmental health sciences with the University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health told The Huffington Post. “Low levels of metals may not create a risk, but as the exposure increases, the damage can increase.” The results were published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives [in April]. – Huffington Post, Published 5/1/13

This also makes a great gift.

You know what’s not toxic? Coconut oil! I’ve been using it before I go to bed as an allover face moisturizer, which includes my lips. We recently worked with Wendy Rose Gould for an easy DIY Sugar Beet Scrub using only coconut oil, beets, sugar and honey! All of those ingredients, I might add, are edible and therefore safe to eat. Hooray!

Need more natural beauty ideas? Try putting out three-ingredient moisturizer and jasmine skin polish into your routine.


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