Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

Dave never believes anything he hears. He has to do his due diligence and research both sides of the story until he can come up with his own conclusion. While sometimes aggravating, it’s also quite satisfying when his research confirms what I’ve told him. I say all this, because this exact thing happened when I started oil pulling about a month ago. He thought it was crazy, until he read about how people have been doing it for centuries and the benefits you can experience.

Get those pearly whites by the New Year!

I was traveling to a lot of shows and having people talk to me about the ancient practice, but didn’t have any personal experience. So I decided, why not? After talking with dental hygienist, I swooshed a tablespoon of coconut oil at night for about 20 minutes while I was catching up on my DVR. At night, your saliva is breaking down, which is the perfect time to hit it with the anti-fungal properties of the oil. Kayla recently wrote about how oil pulling may help prevent strep throat, which can be an issue around this time of year.

After the first night, I immediately noticed my morning breath wasn’t as bad. Not to say it was worthy of skipping the toothbrush (because that’s super gross), but it definitely felt cleaner. I have one really sensitive tooth that makes it hard to drink anything cold. After a week, I didn’t notice an issue with it anymore.

The Huffington Post recently provided three reasons to start:

  1. Whitens teeth
  2. Clears up acne
  3. Leads to healthy glow and complexion

While I definitely will agree it helped whiten my teeth, it’s hard to say if it helped with the other too. Mainly because I already use coconut oil on my face as my moisturizer!

With my wedding only five months away (yikes!), I’m going to keep this up. After all, no bride wants a white dress and a yellow smile, right?



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