Dog Addicted to Coconut Oil

Duke eating his coconut oil dinner

Are you addicted to coconut oil?  I am.  But have you heard of a dog addicted to coconut oil??  Well, my mom’s dog, Duke is addicted.  He can’t get enough of the stuff!

Duke is a 14-year-old, black lab, that we got back when I was in eighth grade and lived in Maryland.  He was playful and fun with lots of energy. Today, Duke is a much slower, older and gentler dog.  He has had some health problems, too.  Each month he goes for a shot to help with his Addison’s disease.  Without the shot, he could die.

Well last month, my mom decided to put a little coconut oil on his dog food.  She didn’t know what she was getting herself into!  Since his first taste of coconut oil, Duke, the black lab, will go on a hunger strike if he doesn’t get that sweet coconut oil on his food every time. He knows where they keep the coconut oil on the counter and will look at the oil, look at his dog bowl, look at the counter, look at his dog bowl, over and over until she adds the oil.  And you can’t trick him and act like you added it either.  He must taste the coconut oil on the dog food!

Besides the annoying habits at feeding time, this has created another good, but no-so-wanted trait in Duke.  After 14 years, my mom was content that all the kids had moved out, the dog had mellowed out, and her house was somewhat peaceful and quiet.  Duke had stopped barking as much and was even so lazy that he wouldn’t greet me at the door anymore when I came to visit.  Well, forget that!  Now that Duke has been eating coconut oil, his youthful spirit is back!  Duke has bursts of energy and plays with his toys, barks at the neighbors, and again, greets me at the door.

So, precede with caution when giving your own pets coconut oil.  They will love it- just make sure you’ll be able to handle their addiction too!  haha.


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