Education Spotlight: American School of Natural Health

We are so excited about the new nutritional school opening right in our backyard in Tampa. The American School of Natural Health (ASNH) is starting classes in late October and offers degrees focused on dietary and nutritional paths.

The American School of Natural Health focuses on homeopathic medicine.

The school has several successful sister schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland currently, this will be the first here in America. Hermann Keppler, the president and founder of ASNH, is a long-time proponent of coconut oil and invited Kelapo Founder, Erin Meagher, to speak at the open house October 12 about the oil’s many health benefits. Keppler’s goal with the school is to help train the future natural medicine practitioners on the most advanced and up-to-date research and technology surrounding natural medicine. Students can earn accredited degrees in Nutrition Consultant, Herbal Consultant, Naturopathic Consultant, Master Nutrition Consultant and Master Herbalist.

So what’s the biggest difference in a traditional medical physician and one focused on homeopathic treatments?  Traditional medicine, while offering many medical breakthroughs, may often focus on the treatment of the symptoms where a more homeopathic approach roots the practice in finding the external factor in diet or lifestyle that may be the cause. That’s why many homeopathic physicians urge changes in diet and lifestyle to improve the patients.

Dr. Oz, a big-time coconut oil believer, uses a lot of these techniques and tips for his viewers and patients. Another big homeopathic physician and coconut oil supporter is Bruce Fife, CN, ND. Coconut oil is used to help treat many ailments in this type of practice, including weight loss, colds and even some cognitive diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease.

We hope this new school brings more focus to healthy lifestyle changes and, of course, more coconut oil believers!


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